What is Geotourism?

GeoTourism is the modern treasure hunt with a twist; combining the outdoor adventure and exploration activities of geocaching and letterboxing, with anecdotal and historical education. Use a G.P.S. or traditional treasure hunt clues to locate boxes hidden throughout the region and uncover countless riches along the way!
The Gold Country Geotourism Program has researched sites of interest throughout the region under a variety of themes including Pioneers & Early Settlers, Historic Churches, Gravesites & Mystical Places, Views & Vistas and Geological Wonders. At each location a ‘cache’ has been hidden for you to find!
Download individual sites pages or order a book, learn about each site, grab your sticker redemption page, then head out to unearth your very own treasures! Use G.P.S. points or our letterbox clues to locate each cache, sign the log book, take a sticker to prove your find, swap some ‘swag’ and then re-hide the cache for others to find.

Collect 24 stickers on your redemption page and the Gold Country GeoTourism Program will reward you with a prize.

All Site Pages are available for free download on this website, the Geotourism Canada website and geocaching.com.

Sponsors of Gold Country GeoTourism Program Explore Gold Country Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition Norther Development Initiative Trust Western Economic Diversification Canada -  Diversification de l'economie de l'Ouest Canada Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust